22 Things I’ve Learned by 22

  1. There is nothing more exciting than a furniture delivery

  2. There’s nothing wrong with a night in

  3. There’s also nothing wrong with a night out

  4. Budgeting is actually legit and you should probably (definitely) learn how to apply it to your life

  5. Its of great importance to find friends/people who build you up, hold you accountable, and value you, and like margaritas

  6. Mexican food is healthy

  7. Living without passion is not living, find something that makes you feel excited, valued, and worth getting up for every morning

  8. Almond butter does NOT qualify as a substitute for peanut butter

  9. Not everyone is going to like you

  10. … and that is OK

  11. As cute as your artsy Starbucks instagram stories are, its an expensive daily habit – making coffee at home saves you a good amount of money

  12. If you don’t ask you won’t receive

  13. You’re not going to be the best at everything, that’s also OK

  14. You’re going to realize that certain people don’t value you like you value them, recognize it, let them go, move on

  15. Messing up is inevitable, it’s how you handle it that counts

  16. Mean girls and bullies didn’t stay in middle school – they grew up. Buck up, know your worth, and don’t let them get you down

  17. Drake was right – you really do have to start at the bottom to get ‘here’

  18. If something is going to take you 5 minutes or less, just do it (ex. should I …. take out the trash? make my bed? take this coffee thats been sitting here for 36 months out of my car? – Yes.)

  19. S Club 7 + Demi Lovato pandora stations makes cleaning not so bad, sometimes nikki minaj if you’re feeling cray

  20. Have someone teach you how to do taxes and understand that you actually don’t get money back every year when you start #adulting so you probably shouldn’t rely on that for your spring beach trip just saying

  21. Never overestimate the level of comfort you have with colleagues at work or any type of professional relationship

  22. You’re only 22 – and have so much left to learn in life! Never stop taking and seeking advice

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5 Simple Hacks to De-stress Everyday life


1. Wake up earlier.

For the past 3 months, I’ve forced myself to get up an hour earlier than I need to in the morning. There is nothing worse than pressing your snooze button countless times, and finally frantically getting up realizing an hour has passed and you’re running late. Waking up early allows me to have quiet time, sometimes spiritually, sometimes just to unwind, answer emails, and enjoy my coffee. It ensures I always start my day off on a calm and organized note.

2. Schedule

The busier I get, the more I crave scheduling. I put literally every part of my day into my work calendar on my phone: meetings, errands, kickboxing class, 30 minutes to work on an assignment, even cleaning the bathroom. The reason? Following a schedule and crossing ‘to-do’s’ off of a list makes me feel accomplished. Even if its something silly, like going to the grocery store, it still makes me feel I was intentional with my time.

3. Know what makes you happy

It really is the little things that make your day. I have flowers and plants all over my house because I know those makes me happy when I look at them. I listen to the Lumineer’s pandora when I work, write, and do school assignments because it is my favorite station. I keep homemade dark chocolate PB cups in the freezer, because they are my favorite ‘healthy’ indulgence for a long night of work. Don’t deprive yourself of the little things that make you smile.

4. Set Goals

Setting small, attainable goals is another way to ensure success without having the stress. Not every night has to be spent working, and not every morning has to be an early workout. I set goals to go to Kickboxing class at least twice a week, and wake up earlier twice a week to work out before work. I set a goal to eat dinner in 4 nights during the work week, so that I can eat out one night during the week – to splurge or to catch up with friends. Goals can both reward you and keep you on track during the week, while allowing you to be flexible.

5. Set yourself up for success

Meal prep isn’t the only way to set yourself up for success during the week. Starting off the week with clean laundry, clean room, and a clean car will as well. After all, you are a product of your environment. Plan and prep your meals, get organized, and schedule your days in your calendar so you wake up ready to go on Monday morning.

About Us:

Skyy + Co. is a lifestyle brand that includes daily Instagram posts, lifestyle blog posts, and an online jewelry boutique.

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Comparison Steal Joy {Downloadable Graphic}


Comparison Steals Joy. Click here to download.


This is something that is always on my heart and in my mind. It is so easy to get caught up in judging your own life based upon ‘filtered’, perfected snippets of someone else’s. Be sure you are filling your mind and soul with the truth of life – that is, God made you perfect and made you to be YOU, not someone else. Attempting to achieve perfection or striving to be anyone else won’t satisfy you. Download this for your iPhone background for a little reminder! Download the image and post on your instagram story to inspire your followers to fill their mind with truth!

5 Things to Do In: Charlotte, North Carolina

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I fell in love with Charlotte last summer when I visited for a work training. Though we did not get to experience much, I was impressed with the modern design and variety that the city offered. I recently visited Charlotte again to see Kaleo, an amazing blues/rock/alternative band from Iceland, check them out here. Seeing a concert featuring a band you love is great, but I get tiresome of seeing them at the same venues. There is nothing better than enjoying the live band that you love at a new venue in an unfamiliar city! Here are a few of my suggestions from the quick 24 hr trip.

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  1. Brunch| Tupelo HoneySkyy Designs Jewelry Blog Tupelo Honey Charlotte

Tupelo Honey was located on the East/West light rail stop. We chose this place because they had a great cocktail and craft beer menu, and delicious southern flare food. A few things that we had, which I recommend:

  • Tupelo Margarita
  • Pimento Cheese Mason Jar
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Pimento Cheese + Friend Pickle Burger

They have indoor and outdoor seating options and was exactly what we were looking for for our mid afternoon brunch meal.

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2. Exploring | OMB + Queen City

After Tupelo we took the light rail to an area with breweries and distilleries (Scaleybark was the name of the light rail stop). We chose Olde Mecklenbery Brewing, a german style beer garden. Also there was Queen City, a fun bar atmosphere that was home to fun group games like bowling, shuffleboard, and ping pong. They had a full bar with great drink selections, but we did not experience their food menu. Across the street was Sugar Creek Brewing, we did not get to go in but the atmosphere looked fun!

3. The Fillmore| The Band Wilder + Kaleo

The Fillmore was in a cute part of town called the Music Factory. It is a great general admission type venue – no seating. Full bars, well organized, beautiful chandeliers – highly recommend! It is next to some bars and restaurants for post-concert enjoyment.

Outfit Details:

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4. Post Concert – Roxbury NightClub

If you’re in Charlotte for a night you HAVE to go to Roxbury, even for 10 minutes. It is an 80s and 90s themed bar with proper 80s/90s decor, games, and themed drink. The best part? Basement dance party with DJ playing, you guessed it, 80s/90s/2000s songs. It straight up brought the middle schooler out in me. Nothing better than dancing to Spice Girls with a glow in the dark halo and a ‘like a virgin’ in hand.

5. Breakfast | Joe’s Doughs


Joe’s Doughs was recommended to us. I was definitely not disappointed with the suggestion. It was located right outside of the city and offered 9 different ‘craft’ donuts – is that a thing? My favorite was the strawberry + basil, followed closely by the chocolate sprinkles. I may or may not have taken a bite of each flavor that I got.


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5 Healthy Hacks for your Work Day

So you’ve finally reached it. The world they all talk about. You feel like you even dream about it. People have been giving you rules on “when you enter” it for the past 4 years. Yes, The big girl world. It could look differently for you than it does for me, your neighbor than it does you – but nonetheless; you are there. This entrance usually comes with a few things:

  • A salary
  • An early alarm
  • A new schedule

With a new schedule, sometimes it takes a while to adjust. A large part of work life for me was learning how to eat the majority of my day at the office. I work in a highly populated area and by highly populated I mean there is every food option you could dream of steps to my office. And with my new salary, why not go out to eat for every lunch, buy Starbucks every morning, and sneak a quick froyo when I hit my 3:00 slump, right? Wrong! Here are some tips that helped my keep my work days healthy (and my wallet full):

  • Don’t be afraid to bring your food for the week to the office, all of it: Every Sunday night I go grocery shopping. The next morning, I bring all of the things that I eat between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00 pm into the office. It sounds daunting but it really sets me up for success. There is never an excuse of forgetting something or not having time; it is all right there.
  • Lemon Water: I am a big advocate of lemon water, especially adding Apple Cider Vinegar into it at night. I sit at a desk for 80% of my day, so a lot of my onset ‘hunger’ at hours like 11:00 and 3:00 come from pure boredom. While I am in the zone on my computer, I can finish an entire back of pretzel thins out of boredom and not realizing how many I’ve had. V dangerous.
  • Walks: The ladies that I work with walked at least once or twice throughout the day. We don’t have a fancy walking trail; just a covered walkway in between the buildings. It not only gives you time to develop relationships with your co-workers, it also helps you get outside and take a break without just sitting on your phone scrolling. An added bonus is that when you’ve been working on something for a while, taking a break to do something as mindless as walking may give you a fresh perspective when you return!
  • Pick a day to go out (or maybe 2): I have some co-workers who go to lunch every single day. And I totally get it; leaving the office helps you break up the day and feel refreshed, but it is bad for your wallet and can absolutely take a toll on your health. It may take some time, but try and incorporate a day where you and a certain group of your co-workers go to lunch every week. My co-workers and I did Thai Thursday for a while, we would bring lunch every other day and really enjoy the treat I got for lunch on Thursday. Do the same with Starbucks. Friday is my day and my wallet LOVES me for it.
  • Your Environment: Health isn’t only about what you are doing with your body, it is also about our mental and emotional state. Which, let’s be real – can be a rollercoaster at work sometimes. I’ve plugged an aromatherapy diffuser into my desk and I add the stress blend. I also like to add a little greenery around my desk; it just makes me happy.

Hope these thoughts make your Big Girl Jobs a little healthier!


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