5 Healthy Hacks for your Work Day

So you’ve finally reached it. The world they all talk about. You feel like you even dream about it. People have been giving you rules on “when you enter” it for the past 4 years. Yes, The big girl world. It could look differently for you than it does for me, your neighbor than it does you – but nonetheless; you are there. This entrance usually comes with a few things:

  • A salary
  • An early alarm
  • A new schedule

With a new schedule, sometimes it takes a while to adjust. A large part of work life for me was learning how to eat the majority of my day at the office. I work in a highly populated area and by highly populated I mean there is every food option you could dream of steps to my office. And with my new salary, why not go out to eat for every lunch, buy Starbucks every morning, and sneak a quick froyo when I hit my 3:00 slump, right? Wrong! Here are some tips that helped my keep my work days healthy (and my wallet full):

  • Don’t be afraid to bring your food for the week to the office, all of it: Every Sunday night I go grocery shopping. The next morning, I bring all of the things that I eat between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00 pm into the office. It sounds daunting but it really sets me up for success. There is never an excuse of forgetting something or not having time; it is all right there.
  • Lemon Water: I am a big advocate of lemon water, especially adding Apple Cider Vinegar into it at night. I sit at a desk for 80% of my day, so a lot of my onset ‘hunger’ at hours like 11:00 and 3:00 come from pure boredom. While I am in the zone on my computer, I can finish an entire back of pretzel thins out of boredom and not realizing how many I’ve had. V dangerous.
  • Walks: The ladies that I work with walked at least once or twice throughout the day. We don’t have a fancy walking trail; just a covered walkway in between the buildings. It not only gives you time to develop relationships with your co-workers, it also helps you get outside and take a break without just sitting on your phone scrolling. An added bonus is that when you’ve been working on something for a while, taking a break to do something as mindless as walking may give you a fresh perspective when you return!
  • Pick a day to go out (or maybe 2): I have some co-workers who go to lunch every single day. And I totally get it; leaving the office helps you break up the day and feel refreshed, but it is bad for your wallet and can absolutely take a toll on your health. It may take some time, but try and incorporate a day where you and a certain group of your co-workers go to lunch every week. My co-workers and I did Thai Thursday for a while, we would bring lunch every other day and really enjoy the treat I got for lunch on Thursday. Do the same with Starbucks. Friday is my day and my wallet LOVES me for it.
  • Your Environment: Health isn’t only about what you are doing with your body, it is also about our mental and emotional state. Which, let’s be real – can be a rollercoaster at work sometimes. I’ve plugged an aromatherapy diffuser into my desk and I add the stress blend. I also like to add a little greenery around my desk; it just makes me happy.

Hope these thoughts make your Big Girl Jobs a little healthier!


Skyy + Co.

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