5 Things to Do In: Charlotte, North Carolina

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I fell in love with Charlotte last summer when I visited for a work training. Though we did not get to experience much, I was impressed with the modern design and variety that the city offered. I recently visited Charlotte again to see Kaleo, an amazing blues/rock/alternative band from Iceland, check them out here. Seeing a concert featuring a band you love is great, but I get tiresome of seeing them at the same venues. There is nothing better than enjoying the live band that you love at a new venue in an unfamiliar city! Here are a few of my suggestions from the quick 24 hr trip.

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  1. Brunch| Tupelo HoneySkyy Designs Jewelry Blog Tupelo Honey Charlotte

Tupelo Honey was located on the East/West light rail stop. We chose this place because they had a great cocktail and craft beer menu, and delicious southern flare food. A few things that we had, which I recommend:

  • Tupelo Margarita
  • Pimento Cheese Mason Jar
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Pimento Cheese + Friend Pickle Burger

They have indoor and outdoor seating options and was exactly what we were looking for for our mid afternoon brunch meal.

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2. Exploring | OMB + Queen City

After Tupelo we took the light rail to an area with breweries and distilleries (Scaleybark was the name of the light rail stop). We chose Olde Mecklenbery Brewing, a german style beer garden. Also there was Queen City, a fun bar atmosphere that was home to fun group games like bowling, shuffleboard, and ping pong. They had a full bar with great drink selections, but we did not experience their food menu. Across the street was Sugar Creek Brewing, we did not get to go in but the atmosphere looked fun!

3. The Fillmore| The Band Wilder + Kaleo

The Fillmore was in a cute part of town called the Music Factory. It is a great general admission type venue – no seating. Full bars, well organized, beautiful chandeliers – highly recommend! It is next to some bars and restaurants for post-concert enjoyment.

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4. Post Concert – Roxbury NightClub

If you’re in Charlotte for a night you HAVE to go to Roxbury, even for 10 minutes. It is an 80s and 90s themed bar with proper 80s/90s decor, games, and themed drink. The best part? Basement dance party with DJ playing, you guessed it, 80s/90s/2000s songs. It straight up brought the middle schooler out in me. Nothing better than dancing to Spice Girls with a glow in the dark halo and a ‘like a virgin’ in hand.

5. Breakfast | Joe’s Doughs


Joe’s Doughs was recommended to us. I was definitely not disappointed with the suggestion. It was located right outside of the city and offered 9 different ‘craft’ donuts – is that a thing? My favorite was the strawberry + basil, followed closely by the chocolate sprinkles. I may or may not have taken a bite of each flavor that I got.


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