5 Simple Hacks to De-stress Everyday life


1. Wake up earlier.

For the past 3 months, I’ve forced myself to get up an hour earlier than I need to in the morning. There is nothing worse than pressing your snooze button countless times, and finally frantically getting up realizing an hour has passed and you’re running late. Waking up early allows me to have quiet time, sometimes spiritually, sometimes just to unwind, answer emails, and enjoy my coffee. It ensures I always start my day off on a calm and organized note.

2. Schedule

The busier I get, the more I crave scheduling. I put literally every part of my day into my work calendar on my phone: meetings, errands, kickboxing class, 30 minutes to work on an assignment, even cleaning the bathroom. The reason? Following a schedule and crossing ‘to-do’s’ off of a list makes me feel accomplished. Even if its something silly, like going to the grocery store, it still makes me feel I was intentional with my time.

3. Know what makes you happy

It really is the little things that make your day. I have flowers and plants all over my house because I know those makes me happy when I look at them. I listen to the Lumineer’s pandora when I work, write, and do school assignments because it is my favorite station. I keep homemade dark chocolate PB cups in the freezer, because they are my favorite ‘healthy’ indulgence for a long night of work. Don’t deprive yourself of the little things that make you smile.

4. Set Goals

Setting small, attainable goals is another way to ensure success without having the stress. Not every night has to be spent working, and not every morning has to be an early workout. I set goals to go to Kickboxing class at least twice a week, and wake up earlier twice a week to work out before work. I set a goal to eat dinner in 4 nights during the work week, so that I can eat out one night during the week – to splurge or to catch up with friends. Goals can both reward you and keep you on track during the week, while allowing you to be flexible.

5. Set yourself up for success

Meal prep isn’t the only way to set yourself up for success during the week. Starting off the week with clean laundry, clean room, and a clean car will as well. After all, you are a product of your environment. Plan and prep your meals, get organized, and schedule your days in your calendar so you wake up ready to go on Monday morning.

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